Friday, March 25, 2016

Abby in the Abbey: SPRING!

Happy Easter everyone!  We are starting my favorite time of the year….spring!  I just love rolling on the grass and being outside a lot of the time.  I think people do too because there are plenty of them walking past our house especially on very nice days. Just the feeling of new things springing up really is such a happy feeling.  Sr. Monica looks up in the trees for the singing birds when we go for walks and tries to point them out to me, but to tell the truth, I’m not very interested in birds when they are singing, only when they are on the ground so I can chase them around!

I hope everyone takes this time of new beginnings, starting with Easter and moving into spring to give thanks for everything we have.  I know the Sisters will want me to tell you all that they are praying for you.  You know sometimes people just say “I’ll pray for you”, but the Sisters really do pray for everyone who asks them.  They even have this book that I saw in the back of the chapel where they write it down when someone asks them for prayers!  So, if you are reading this you can go right to the website of the Sisters and ask them for prayers.  I even saw on Sr. K’s computer that there is a place where you can light a candle!  Try it out!

Until next time this is Abby in the Abbey signing off.  

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