Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Abby in the Abbey: Thanksgiving


I have a new friend!  Imagine, Glena had surgery and Cindy has been helping out in the front office while she’s recuperating.  Cindy gives me treats, lets me sit on her lap and plays with me.  How much better could life be?  Well, I’ll tell you one thing that could be better and it’s the weather!  This ice and snow makes my feet ache, but it doesn’t stop me from going for my morning walk because that is my favorite time of the day!   Anyway, back to Cindy.  She even gave me two new toys on which I immediately “fixed” them by taking out all of the stuffing and the thing that makes them squeak.  Sr. K said she had to do “surgery” on them to repair the damage, but I did such a good job that the “surgery” didn’t work!

I just wanted to say that now that Thanksgiving is coming up fast we all need to be thankful for friends, old and new, for all the good things that God gives us and for which we forget to say “thanks”.   I’m thankful for my good home with the Sisters here at Immaculata Monastery, for all the love they give me and each other, for all of the nice people who come here every day most of whom want to say “hi” to me.  I must say that I’m not always very hospitable when I bark at people.  Somehow I just can’t help myself but don’t we all do stuff like that?  Maybe a good resolution for us all to be thankful and stop the barking!!