Monday, August 3, 2015

Abby in the Abbey: Forgiveness

Hello everyone!  Abby here with some news from my Monastery.  Summer time is soooo busy here because the Sisters come and go to meetings, leave for vacations and to visit their families.  It keeps me busy trying to keep track of everyone, but there is always someone around to take real good care of me.  My dog “brother” Gus was here for almost a whole month visiting but for some reason he doesn’t like me very well.  Sr. K says it is because he is an old man and I am a young teenager!

Anyway, I guess not everyone likes everyone the same, in the dog world nor in the human world.  I have been thinking about that.  Us dogs try to tolerate all kinds of strangeness in our fellow canines. Sometimes Sr. K brings dogs here who are looking for a new home so they can meet their new people and they have been hurt a lot so they need lots of love and help. There are people who have the same problem. They get hurt by other people and have a hard time with forgiveness.  I can understand that because I didn’t have the best beginning either but now my life is great! (I still have some bad behaviors that are caused by what happened in my first home).  I just hope that the people who are hurt by others or who have a hard time forgiving can move on and live in the moment like us dogs. 

Everyone out there, please be safe and have a wonderful time with your families, friends and pets.  Let’s try to let forgiveness be our by- word!

Until next time…

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