Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meet Our Sisters: Sr. Paula Leick, OSB

(Meet Our Sisters will be a Blog Series to get to know our Sisters from the Missionary Benedictine Sisters in Norfolk, NE. Each month we will feature a new Sister and her journey to become a Missionary Benedictine Sister.)

Place of Birth: Nebraska, USA
First Profession: August 16 1945
Final Profession: April 22 1949
Feast Day: January 25 (Conversion of St. Paul)
I became a nun because I wanted to give my life to God by serving – hopefully as a nurse. However, I was ready to accept other assignments instead, over the years, my assignments as a Sister have included serving the Hospital Business office, medical record technician, hospital laboratory, hospital administrator, sewing room and housekeeping supervisor in the monastery at Norfolk.
Being asked to be an administrator was a big challenge for me. I did not have any prior skills or training and I had to learn by doing the work. This was quite challenging but I managed it. I knew how to be a nurse, but I did not know anything about business office and working in the business office was a challenge at first. However practice made it perfect and I ended up enjoying the assignments.
I spent 40 of my religious life years in Graceville, MN working in the Holy Trinity hospital. As an administrator, I had the task of building the hospital. Even though this was a challenge, it was also my most rewarding experience as both a Sister and an administrator. The fact that I had to find funds for the building and the idea that the continuity of the ministry depended on the successful construction of the hospital were motivations enough for me to do whatever was in my power to get grants and other financial assistance. It was such a rewarding experience when the Holy Trinity hospital was finally completed and the Sisters could continue to serve people of Graceville, MN.

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