Friday, October 17, 2014

Abby in the Abbey: Hospitality


I’m just a dog, but I’ve noticed that the weather is changing!!!  Sr. K and Sr. GM are wearing jackets and gloves now, but they still haven’t made me wear my jacket which is fine with me because I just hate that thing!  I’m going to put on here a picture of what we saw this morning.  Isn’t it just beautiful?  There were some guys fishing in boats and Sr. K and Sr. GM wished they were out there too!  I remember going fishing with them this summer and I just loved riding in that boat.
I’m still busy making sure that the people who come to the Monastery are friends and not robbers!  Sometimes I have a hard time telling them apart and then the Sisters get mad at me and tell me to stop my barking.  Since hospitality is a huge part of the Sister’s ministry I guess barking is not a good way to greet visitors and I am trying hard to learn that part.  Luckily most of the people are dog lovers and understand that I am still learning not to be fearful of them. 
My word of wisdom today is that being hospitable in how we treat each other especially our family and friends is a great way to make a peaceful world.  It seems like with all the bad things going on that a lot can be learned from us dogs.  I heard from Sr. K just today that some people are chaining up dogs and beating them right here in Norfolk!   Isn’t that just awful???  It makes me wonder how they are treating their own people if they treat dogs that way?  Our world could use a lot more calm energy and you can find that by taking a long walk around the lake with your dog and letting your cares fly away.

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