Monday, October 27, 2014

Peramiho Priory Series: How YOU can Help!

(While on home leave Sr. Rosann Ocken, Prioress of Peramiho Priory, sat down with Sr. Inviolata and talked about the work of the sisters in Tanzania-Peramiho Priory. If you would like to learn more about the work the sisters are doing check out 

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters are doing amazing work all over the world, but need partners who want to do good. The sisters in Norfolk try to help our sisters in foreign missions to access partners and opportunities to help with their missionary work. The sisters are working hard to be the hands and feet of Christ all over the world.

If someone would like to donate to Sr. Rosann’s mission in Peramiho they can send donations directly to the Immaculata Monastery with a note specifying where they want it to go or by going online to and donating there. The online donation page is completely secure and goes directly to the sisters.

 If others don’t have the resources to share Sr. Rosann says, “I really do believe all the prayers that are offered just storm heaven for us and that is so important. I really appreciate the prayers. If people want to connect with us in friendship and promise us their prayers and spiritual support that means the world to me.”

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