Wednesday, April 1, 2015

REPROACHES of THE PASSION Set 6: You opened my side with a lance

O my people, what have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer me.

I opened the sea before you; you opened my side with a lance

Let’s consider the symbolism of opening the Red Sea. The people were sandwiched between the pursuing Egyptians and the sea. They had no way out. They needed a miracle to get them out, to deliver them. God provided that by the hand of Moses using the staff. The Lord didn’t have to bring them out of Egypt via that route, but he chose that route. Thus at the Red Sea, God claimed victory and glory over the Egyptians in the sight of the Israelites. He delivered them with a promise “The Egyptians you see before you, you will never see again” (Exodus 14:13). There will be other enemies, but not this group.

Standing beneath the cross of the Crucified Savior, we can’t help but be splashed with the water and the blood flowing from His wounded side. According to tradition, the Roman soldier who thrust that lance in the side of Jesus converted and became a Saint (St. Longinus). That is the power of the water flowing from the fountain of the Savior. Think of the Grace of Baptism, and the fact that through baptism we are born into the death and resurrection ot Christ. Torrents from the opened side of the Savior deliver us from the power of original sin. We still have to fight sins, due to the effects of that original sin, but we have the power to defeat Sin because we have been washed with the Blood and Water flowing from the side of the Savior.

Let us stand with Longinus at the foot of the Cross as we contemplate the One hanging on that Tree. Let us however, not continue to pierce the wounded heart of the Savior. Let us allow the Precious Blood of the Savior to flow over us and cleanse us. We can’t undo the piercing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The question we can ask ourselves, however, and to which we can respond with love and gratitude is: “What about all His Blood? Will you waste all His Blood?”

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