Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Abby in the Abbey: Teamwork

Well you can see that they took me for another haircut, but this time I think I look pretty cute!  The lady even gave me some “bling” on my tail and a very nice pink collar.  I’ve been pretty busy hanging out by the front office and helping to greet guests and I am even getting better about holding back my barking impulse.  Gosh, isn’t it hard to stop doing things that you just feel you absolutely need to do even when other people don’t like it? 

This picture is of me with some donations for the animal shelter that I helped accept yesterday for, of all things, CATS!!!  Why would anyone want to donate to those hissing, mean things?  One day I just wanted to say “hi” to one and I got a very nasty scratch for my trouble.  You know, it takes all kinds to make the world doesn’t it?  I always think that dogs are the best, but not everyone agrees with me, even in my house here.

The summer is passing by very quickly and I hope everyone out there is really enjoying their family time together.  Sr. K had some back surgery and she is moving more slowly than usual so I’m glad Sr. RM and Sr. LA are there for me too.  There is nothing like teamwork in anything you do in life.  Being able to depend on each other is just one of the best things there is!

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