Monday, June 16, 2014

Abby in the Abbey: Take Time to Smell the Roses, Kick Back and Relax

(This is the first episode of what will be a regular blog from Abby.  She is a Schnoodle who lives at Immaculata Monastery and has a unique insight into the workings of the house.
Hi!  My name is Abby and I have lived at Immaculata Monastery for a whole year now.  I have been busy learning my manners and being a good guard dog for the Sisters.  Sometimes I get a bit overzealous in my duties and bark too much!  Then one of the Sisters shakes a can with something loud in it and makes my ears hurt!  They say it is to help me learn to do things the right way, but come on! At any rate I thought it would be good to see things from my perspective as an unofficial member of the community here.)
Hey everyone!  This is Abby comin’ at ya with some thoughts.  It feels sooo good to roll in fresh grass in the spring.  Just to kind of let everything go.  I went fishing last week with Sr. K and Sr. GM.  Sr. K was kind of forgetful and forgot to bring the camera to take pictures of me sitting right up front in the boat trying to spot fish for the Sisters. Sr. K had to only remind me once not to bark and scare the fish!  Do they have ears???? 

When we got back I rolled in the grass and ran like crazy to burn off all that energy I built up sitting all morning.  Sometimes we just have to let everything go and relax don’t we?  That is what summer is all about and for us dogs it is the best time ever!  People sometimes get caught up in their work, supporting their families and doing chores around the house.  My feeling is that everyone should take time to smell the roses, kick back and relax especially in nature.  Take a lesson from us dogs and live in the moment!

Love, Abby

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