Sunday, August 13, 2017

Private Litany of Humility

Private Litany of Humility

Jesus, I come to You today with love in my heart; the love that is Your gift to me out of the merciful LOVE that is YOU.  My heart and soul are open to receive the Spirit’s gift of humility.  Now I praise You, wishing with your help, to climb the ladder that St. Benedict gives us in his rule of life.

For the grace to always be aware of the Presence of God with wonder and awe:  I humbly pray.

That I may respond with loving submission, always and everywhere to the will of God:  I humbly pray.

That I may listen and willingly carry out to the voice of Christ through another:  I humbly pray.

That I use the gift of perseverance, and bravely embrace suffering despite weariness:  I humbly pray.

That through Jesus, I may value the wisdom figures in my life, seeking the confidence to put on holy obedience:  I humbly pray.

For the insight to enter the narrow gate of vulnerability and honest openness to find the “God-given-ME”:  I humbly pray.

That I find contentment in being of service to others, forgiving and being patience through difficult tasks:  I humbly pray.

For the grace to simply be happy with what I have and who I am, and acknowledge my need for Jesus’ merciful love:  I humbly pray.

That in the times that I speak, I will always be respectful, reverent and gentle, and learn the art of listening with an honest heart:  I humbly pray.

That I may handle my voice and laughter with soft hands and a velvet heart, with joy and simple delight:  I humbly pray.

For gentle wisdom, for reasonable speech, and to know that silence honors life with a light heart:  I humbly pray.

Finally, Lord, I wish to honor you by answering your call, to “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart…”:  I humbly pray.

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