Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Abby in the Abbey: Live in the Moment!

Hi everyone!  Can you believe it has been five whole weeks since I wrote last?  I have sooo much to do here at the Monastery that time just flies for me.  Sister Rita Marie (my BFF) left for Rome almost five weeks ago and I still miss her a lot.  Sr. Leah Ann was gone the whole past week too so Sr. K was left to take care of me.  I kind of became a “snuggle bug” with her since I missed my two friends so much!  Us dogs have it easier than people because when we are lonesome or miss someone we can usually find someone else to take over, but for people it isn’t always that easy is it?

I kind of think that when someone passes away or moves on in life people really grieve for that loss.  That brings me to my thought for the day: How do you all cope with loss in life?  Sr. K says that it is important that people pray for everyone every day, but mostly for the people in their lives who are suffering from being sick, who are mourning a loved one or who are not happy in their own lives for some reason. 

I think us dogs can teach people a few things about that.  We live in the moment and make the best of it. Yes, we get sad, but somehow can work through it better.  Just some advice from me, Abby.

One more thing…this past week Sr. K said that some very sad dogs came to the Animal Shelter here in Norfolk.  I feel really bad about that, but I know that sooner or later they will be the best friends of someone who will give them a wonderful home and they will forget all that bad stuff because of what I said before…LIVE IN THE MOMENT!

Have a great springtime everyone!

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