Monday, November 9, 2015

Update from Sr. Rosann Ocken's New Mission: Jinja, Uganda

Dear all!
Loving greetings from Paradise!  Well!  The weather and surroundings are about as perfect as one can imagine. The sun shines gently; I think because it is “winter” now.  Temps range usually between 75 and 83.  The humidity is generally around 50 %.  It rains at least something every day.  Sometimes the rains are very strong, but mostly, it is a nice shower.  

This first photo is the front of the convent.  The second photo is of the front yard looking away from the convent.  You see we have such nice green and beautiful flowers.  The third photo is the view we have from the back of the house out to Lake Victoria.  
We had our official (once-in-six-years) visitation from our leadership in Rome.  The photo below is taken of the two “Romans” with our community.  Two of our sisters are missing from the photo because they are out of the country.

This gives you a sense of our community.  There is only one Postulant in the photo (on the left).  The other five are in Kenya having their formation (Postulancy and Novitiate) there.  

We took our guests to “The Source of the Nile”.  It is just 20 minutes-drive and a small boat ride away.   The photos are on the next page.  It is an amazing experience.  I feel like I’m at the naval of the earth!!! The visitation has taken up most of our energy.

The visitors left on Thursday, so we are only now trying to get into a normal sense of life here.  On the whole, it is going far better than I imagined. 
 I am sure your prayers are helping us.  Please keep them coming!  I will tell you more about the ministries as I get more acquainted.  For now…to thank you for your loving support and prayers and to let you know that things are going well-enough. For today…almost time for prayer.  Love and prayers to all of you! 
Sr. Rosann

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  1. Thanks You for the update! Looks beautiful! Love & Prayers back to you and your comunity