Monday, February 9, 2015

Abby in the Abbey: Lenten Preparations

Today is just a beautiful day and Sr. K and I had a long walk this morning to celebrate!  I am sooo happy that we are having a bit of warmth right now, I love laying in a spot in the sun and soaking it in!  So, is everyone preparing for Lent?  It is only 1 ½ weeks away and I can see that the Sisters are getting ready. Sr. K said that there is a great website out there that everyone can sign up for and it is totally free!  I love “free” don’t you?  It is called “Best Lent Ever” and I recommend that everyone try it out.  You get a daily e-mail with something to inspire you for your Lenten journey. 

As for me, I know for sure I won’t be fasting, but I’m going to try and be welcoming and nice to people I don’t particularly care for.  It is strange because when I first see someone coming in the door I immediately know they are strange to me and I don’t always react in a good way.  The Sisters scold me but I just can’t seem to help it.  The funny thing is, after the person is here a while and I know them a bit, I just stop barking and reacting and they become my friends!  Do you ever have that experience?  I think Sr. K calls it “judging” and says she has trouble with that too.  We both are going to try during Lent to avoid “judging”. That is one thing that I can do for sure that will make a difference both to me and to the people I meet. 

Have you ever heard of “new evangelization”?  There is a lot of talk among the Sisters about that right now.  If you haven’t read any of Pope Francis’ talks they told me they are very good.  Also, the Sisters are celebrating what they call “The year of consecrated life”.  That means that they are trying to tell people who they are, what they do and how they try to help people (and dogs too!  I think Sr. K even tries to help cats!) I find them to be kind of mean, hissing things but I suppose they are fine too because God made us all! 

Until next time I hope everyone keeps well and stays happy. 
Love, Abby

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