Thursday, January 8, 2015

Abby in the Abbey: A Whole New Year

Oh my gosh!  I just realized that I missed sharing my incredible insights with you in December!  Christmas was just so busy here in the Monastery.  We had people coming and going for weeks before the holiday and then suddenly it was here!  Sr. K was busy writing thank-you notes to all of the generous people who shared with us and then I was busy too keeping everyone mellowed out with my kisses and snuggles. 
So now it is a whole New Year and I am sure it will be a good one.  If everyone was like us dogs and savored every moment things would be lots better in the world.  My wisdom right now is that everyone should keep warm and healthy.  You can see by my picture that Sr. K tries to keep me from freezing my paws and from getting too cold on our walks.  Of course, these days our walks are pretty short and I miss getting my exercise! 
These days the Sisters are praying hard for peace in the world.  They tell me that there are so many people that need help.  There are so many people who are living in war and violence and lots of other bad things.  Of course, if people are suffering so is the rest of God’s creation. 
I just try to do my best to keep my resolutions to be good to everyone I meet and be happy.  My barking is getting better, but sometimes I still forget and “bark” at people who don’t deserve it.  Maybe we all could try to do the same?

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