Monday, September 15, 2014

Peramiho Priory Series: Good Shepherd Orphanage Part 2

(While on home leave Sr. Rosann Ocken, Prioress of Peramiho Priory, sat down with Sr. Inviolata and talked about the work of the sisters in Tanzania-Peramiho Priory.  One of their major ministries is the Orphanages where they take care of 80 children. If you would like to learn more about the work the sisters are doing check out
One difficulty with the orphanage is the government takes no responsibility with orphans. They do not even help cover the cost of education. The costs to raise them then lands on the sisters that take them in. They must pay for shelter, food, healthcare, clothing and education. The expenses are constantly growing.
The sisters work with the social workers in the area to bring the children that are in need into the orphanage.  The families sometimes can’t sustain the child because of the loss of the mother. The temperatures in Mjimwema get down to freezing and without a special bond, like the bond between a mother and child, the children could die. The families are encouraged to visit and bond with the children while they are at the orphanage before they go back home.

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