Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Peramiho Priory Series: Good Shepherd Orphanage Part 1

 (While on home leave Sr. Rosann Ocken, Prioress of Peramiho Priory, sat down with Sr. Inviolata and talked about the work of the sisters in Tanzania-Peramiho Priory.  One of their major ministries is the Orphanages where they take care of 80 children. If you would like to learn more about the work the sisters are doing check out www.mbsmissionaries.org.)
Many years ago Sr. Fromunda started an orphanage in Peramiho for children of lepers and HIV victims. At one time Sr. Fromunda had 130 orphans funded by German benefactors. Funds from these benefactors have begun to decline due to the age of the benefactors.

There are now three orphanages that the sisters tend to. The sisters have begun to decrease the number of orphans they take in, in order to give higher quality care to those children already with them. 

They have recently built a new orphanage in Mjimwema because conditions at the original orphanage were not good. The area that the orphanages are at has one of the highest rates of HIV in Tanzania at 22%.

On average the sisters have 20 infants at all times in St. Anna’s Orphanage in Uwemba. Age ranges from Day one to 2-3 years old. After three years old the children will go to the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Mjimwema. The sisters have begun to phase out their Morogoro Orphanage which currently has approximately 20 children who are continuing their high school or vocational training education. 

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