Monday, September 22, 2014

Peramiho Priory Series: Blessing and Marko

(While on home leave Sr. Rosann Ocken, Prioress of Peramiho Priory, sat down with Sr. Inviolata and talked about the work of the sisters in Tanzania-Peramiho Priory.  One of their major ministries is the Orphanages where they take care of 80 children. If you would like to learn more about the work the sisters are doing check out

For two young people the Benedictine Sisters are the family they never had. Having stayed with the sisters in the orphanage from birth, both have been blessed to find the love and care they needed. For Blessing Benedict she was found with no connections to her family. The sisters took her in and adopted her.  When legalizing her paperwork they asked her what she would like her last name to be. Proudly she told them, “Benedict! I belong to the family of the Benedictine Sisters.” In Latin Benedict means blessed.

For Marko Kapinga giving back to the sisters who gave him so much is important. Marko and his siblings have lived at the orphanage since birth. Their parents were lepers. Marko did exceptionally well in school and was given the opportunity to go to Catholic University by Sr. Fromunda. He became a teacher and is now back at the mission teaching the orphans.

Sr. Rosann says that when you see exceptional children if we have the funds we will do the best we can to educate them. It’s for the good of the person, but also good for the nation. These children appreciate so much and they have opportunities they would never have otherwise.

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