Thursday, September 18, 2014

Abby in the Abbey: The Little Things

Here I am again, Abby, comin’ at ya!  Gee, don’t the months go by fast?  It seems like I just wrote a message to all of you and now, here it is again, time for another update from me!  Well you can see from the picture that we had a great time at the picnic last evening.  I got to sit on Sr. Dorothy’s lap and get some love!  Doesn’t everyone deserve that kind of attention?  Sometimes the days go by so fast and there isn’t the attentiveness to show our appreciation to those closest to us. The people and things around us tend to get taken for granted.  Us dogs, of course, are great at giving unconditional love, but even we sometimes fail.  Like me, for instance.  If my favorite Sisters are around then I always want to run to them and get their petting and attention and kind of ignore the others.  That is something I definitely need to work on!

Otherwise things here at the monastery are going fine.  I went with Sr. Rita Marie for “our” retreat at Hildegard House.  I like it up there, but it is exhausting because I need to be constantly on guard to protect her.  There are all kinds of strange sounds, like the refrigerator coming on, coyotes howling in the distance etc.  that trigger my need to bark!  I even saw quite a few deer and Sr. Rita Marie had to explain what kind of creatures they were.  I liked sleeping in though.  Isn’t it nice to treat ourselves to these small pleasures?  Dogs are great at that and I think it is part of my job to help the Sisters see the small things and give us joy and happiness.

Til’ next time….

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