Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peramiho Priory Series: Sr Rosann's First Impressions

(While on home leave Sr. Rosann Ocken, Prioress of Peramiho Priory, sat down with Sr. Inviolata and talked about the work of the sisters in Tanzania-Peramiho Priory. Over the next few week we will explore that work in a series of blog posts and videos.)

For the past seven years Sr. Rosann has been missioned to Tanzania as their Prioress. What has stood out most for her is the joy of the people. They have a wonderful gift of celebration and a sense of family. It gives Sr. Rosann an opportunity to do whatever she can for the people of Tanzania.

Sr. Rosann had very little time to adjust to the new culture, language and poverty of Tanzania. It was a very stressful time, but she jumped in with both feet ready to take on the task. She had never been exposed to that much poverty before and was bombarded with her sense of responsibility and why God had sent her there.

The first year she was there Sr. Rosann tried to learn as much as she could of the language. She can do basic language, but still needs translators for official business and written communication. It’s not easy and makes relating to the people much more difficult. With the help and love of the sisters they are making it work and making great progress.

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