Thursday, August 21, 2014

Abby in the Abbey: Best Friends


Do any of you have a special friend that you just love?  Here is a picture of me and Izzie (Isabel when she is naughty!).  She is a Schnoodle just like me and when her mom and dad have time they bring her to the monastery for a play date with me!  We get along great and love to run like crazy chasing a Frisbee or just roll in the grass.
  I would say we are best friends but even best friends have times when we don’t agree.  For example, Izzie doesn’t care much for regular dog treats, she just wants the really expensive ones, but I will eat anything!  Do any of you have similar experiences with your best friends?  You can’t understand why simple things aren’t enough and only the best will do? 
 It gets complicated after a while, but luckily we are dogs and just live in the moment.  I don’t think people are that lucky, they hold grudges when they don’t agree with each other or how other people live their lives, for example why some have to shop at Nordstrom’s and others shop at Dollar Tree.
  It sounds funny to us dogs though and to us, people are strange sometimes.  They have all this good stuff that they can get any time they want, but always want more. Hmmm, maybe this is something we should all think about huh?

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